If you thought installing tiles was a huge job, think again! Refin has come up with a new concept, appearing at Cersaie 2009 – an innovative thin porcelain tile designed by Michele De Lucchi that makes updating your kitchen and bathroom a breeze. Measuring just 4.5mm thick, the new Skin tiles are so thin they can be installed directly over your existing tile without affecting the floor height, cutting a complicated three-day job into an easy afternoon project. These ultra-thin stoneware tiles have the same durability and quality of standard-thickness porcelain stoneware tiles, and they don’t fall short on style either. Available in large and modern sizes like 30 by 60 cm, 60 by 60 cm and 60 by 120 cm in five different color choices, this floor and wall tile will revolutionize the renovation process. Check out the new Skin tile collection at Refin.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of chromotherapy bathtubs. Well, the shower people out there will really appreciate these new LED light shower heads by Visentin. Specializing in health and wellbeing, the Italian bathroom design company created these luxury shower heads to bathe you in a rainbow of therapeutic colored LED light. Hot hues include rejuvenating orange, renewing white, relaxing blue, healing pink or refreshing green, each with its own therapeutic qualities to transform your shower into a daily home-spa experience. Apart from the chromotherapy, it’s definitely handy to have a light in your shower enclosure. These round shower heads have a diameter of 430mm (17") and are conveniently ceiling-mounted for a clean, modern look in your bathroom. You’ll wonder how you ever did without one! Learn more at Visentin.

We really like the new HansaDesigno faucet line from Hansa. The design has this timeless modern presence that makes it a real classic. The new line includes bathroom and kitchen faucets, all uniquely defined by a very clean arch of the spout, beautiful shiny chrome finish and a slim lever. Besides the high aesthetics, HansaDesigno faucets are of the highest quality, equipped with the latest Hansaeco technology that saves up to 50% of energy and water, and are reasonably priced. They are practical too - "the slim, tall swivelling spout eases work at the sink", and "the lever is ergonomically designed to control the temperature and volume of water exactly", according to Hansa.

Purple is a hot hue for bathrooms, and Franco Pecchioli Ceramica is putting this regal shade in the spotlight with these cool purple bathroom ideas. Purple is one of the most versatile colors, taking you from soft shades of lilac and deep lavender, rich plum, jewel-toned amethyst and vibrant shades bordering on fuchsia. These purple bathroom designs splash it on every conceivable surface – floor and wall tiles, backsplashes, shower and tub enclosures, countertops and ever-fashionable fixtures like these ceramic, hand-crafted and hand-glazed sinks and tubs. These designs spare no style, offering a bit of the elegant, the enchanting and the extraordinary all at once. Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with modern ceramic tiles? Check out these modern purple bathrooms and more tile ideas at Franco Pecchioli Ceramica.

Alvaro Uribe FurnitureFor the people who want some modern and sophisticated designed furniture, check out the Alvaro Uribe masterpieces. The use solid colors, accented or highlighted stainless steel and an industrial element that focus on functionality and influential designs.

Bean bags are normally made for one, but now with the Sofa Bean Bag you can share some comfortable sitting or lying positions with anyone of your liking. It is made of PVC leather and is fireproofed. It is stuffed with polystyrene balls and measures 200×120x38cm. The Sofa Bean Bag can be yours for £199.00.

Here is a functional bedroom design great for anyone who needs some organization and great sleeping solutions. The Universal Bed with Wall Storage comes with one convenient bed and 2 shelving units with a bridge that should be great for storing books and some other personal stuff.

They feature solid wood drawers with metal meshy fronts, made of sturdy welded construction and available in popular silver and navy finish. This Universal Bed with Wall Storage retails for about $699.00 excluding shipping.

Amazon has some great holiday offers and is offering generous discounts on their range of home appliances. Now you can buy the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers for $269.99 and save around 80 bucks. A perfect appliance to have around when you are hosting all the holiday dinners.

Product Features

Color: Empire Red

325-watt mixer with 10 speeds; 5-quart stainless steel bowl

Tilt-back head for easy access to mixture

2-piece pouring shield with large chute for adding ingredients

Includes flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip

Measures 14 by 8-2/3 inches by 14 inches; 1-year warranty

Here is one sofa that should be cool to have especially if you want to eat and relax at the same time. The Hawkeye Double Reclining Sofa with tray table is short of saying you can simply live on it since it offers comfort and adjustability in the way that you would define relaxation. Both ends recline thus making it easier for you to getting a spot to share. It has a casual and laid-back styling that should really entice you to lay back and unwind freely. Dimensions: 87″W x 42″D x 43″ H.

When looking into purchasing a vanity many people do not pay attention to the mirror while looking at modern bathroom vanities. The mirror in most cases can be one of the most important elements in the bathroom in that all the attention is focused on it.

The mirror is one of the first things people notice when they walk into the bathroom. Some may even walk into the bathroom for the sole purpose of using the mirror to check their appearance. Whether you are looking at modern bathroom vanities or antique styles pay special attention to the mirror.

When using public restrooms, take note of the modern bathroom vanities you see. Pay special attention to the mirror chosen to display with the vanity. Most of the time, a plain mirror is used when the vanity is loud or bright. A more intricate mirror is used when the vanity has a more plain and simple design.

Something else to consider when looking at modern bathroom vanities is the fixtures. There are so many different finishes to choose from. Depending on the style you are aiming for normally silver toned fixtures bring out an heir of elegance to the bathroom. Silver toned fixtures or accessories are not only beautiful but are also very easy to clean.

Changing the fixtures or adding accessories will help to personalize your bathroom décor. When looking at modern bathroom vanities try not to limit yourself to only what is offered with the set. Explore new and different options for what you can add to the bathroom along with the vanity you choose.

Another option if you are looking to further personalize your bathroom is to choose one that has silver etching on the glass work. While searching for modern bathroom vanities keep an eye out for the silver etching inside the glass work which will add a perfect touch. This feature will definitely add personality to your bathroom which will surely catch the attention of your guests and family members.

Consider adding other accessories to your décor such as a towel hanger, a framed picture, or even a small detail such as a candle can make a difference in the appearance of your bathroom. While looking at modern bathroom vanities it's a good idea to have a vision or plan when choosing the vanity for your bathroom.

There are so many small details you should pay attention to while looking at modern bathroom vanities. The smallest detail can make your bathroom unique, and stand out from all the rest. It's a good idea to look at many different styles so you can get the most possible ideas and be confident when making the final decision.

In the end try to choose the style and design that makes you most comfortable. The colors of the bathroom play a major role on the feel of the bathroom. When looking at modern bathroom vanities try to choose a color that will compliment your bathroom. Remember that the mirror is the centerpiece of the bathroom, so you should pay special attention to the shape, design and size of the mirror

The market for modern bathroom vanities is expanding on a daily basis. Making the decision to decorate or re-decorate your bathroom at first may seem a bit intimidating! But keeping the project organized can turn a tiresome challenge into an exciting learning experience. It's always a good idea to have an open mind before beginning the project.

It is recommended to begin by searching through several modern bathroom vanities. Even though you may have a particular design or color in mind, try to avoid limiting yourself to just that. By doing so you may end up having a vanity custom made for your needs.

Your personal storage needs would be a good place to start when searching through modern bathroom vanities. Knowing how much storage space will be needed can eliminate many vanities, giving you more time to focus on the bathroom vanities you can choose from. If the vanity will be the only means of storage consider purchasing an additional linen cabinet if the bathroom vanity set you are purchasing does not already come with one.

The quality of the modern bathroom vanities should play a major role in your end decision. The quality should be as beautiful as the appearance of the vanity itself, depending on how long you are planning to keep this vanity. If you are constantly changing the appearance and re-decorating your bathroom, the quality may not be as important which will give you an even larger variety of bathroom vanities to choose from.

Being aware of the materials the modern bathroom vanities are made of should be taken into consideration. The materials not only affect the longevity of the bathroom vanity but also its appearance. If you are looking for an attractive wood with elegant grain markings, oak wood is an excellent choice. Consumers are guaranteed a dependable choice when selecting oak wood for their bathroom furniture.

While searching through modern bathroom vanities keep in mind how much space is available for the bathroom vanity. Deciding whether you want to purchase a whole set or just the vanity alone may depend on how much room is available. Many people may want to find the largest vanity to fit the space allotted, which is not always a good decision to make. By doing so, this may cause the bathroom to seem or feel overcrowded or even smaller than it already is.

The most exciting part about searching for a modern bathroom vanity is choosing the color of the bathroom vanity. Modern bathroom vanities in particular are known for their bright and unique colors. Again, always keep an open mind while searching, by doing so, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the final result of your bathroom décor.

Your bathroom vanity décor should be an expression of your own personal taste and style. Modern bathroom vanities are known for their unique and attractive styles making it easy to express yourself. Don't be afraid to take a chance or choose something you would not typically consider.

Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind while looking at modern bathroom vanities will undoubtedly result in a beautifully decorated bathroom décor. While finding the perfect bathroom vanity may seem somewhat of a challenge, the end result will definitely be worth the time spent on this exciting project!

A bathroom is the hardest work station in the house along with the kitchen
. However, some people do not give a needed attention in its decoration and maintenance. In the plan of home decoration, bathroom decoration gets the last place in the list. But with the changing trends, people are taking interest in decorating this small corner of the house. This tiny place is used for varied purposes; from washing to laundry and cleaning. Apart from the regular activities, bathrooms are also perceived as the best suited place for relaxation, resting and recovering from the tensions and tiredness of the whole day.

A soothing look of the bathroom can bring a refreshing feel to the person. A bathroom is the first place which a person normally visits first in the morning. And, a refreshing feel in this space can make him feel good to move for the day ahead. In decorating a bathroom, small things need to be considered. The placement of things like sink, bathtub, shower, toilet and other items should be made keeping in mind their functions and utility.

Normally, bathrooms were allotted a small space in the house and installing all the things in this space can make it look cluttered. Therefore the selection of items and their placements should be made considering the availability of space. A comfortable spacious bathroom decoration could prove to be a challenging job for the bathroom decorator. And, if you are planning the re-decoration in your old house then it becomes more challenging to bring a modern look in the old bathroom. However, a new look can be brought in the bathroom by making a few changes in the appearance.

The concept of bathroom decoration involves various things to be changed. One can change the paint of the walls in a designer way. You can add borders around the windows, ceiling and mirror. If your walls are in good condition then this work could be done with the help of a stencil and pencil. Draw the simple design around the baseboard with a catchy color contrast. The other option to give an innovative look to the walls is by adding the paper on the wall. But select the paper which is appropriate for the humid areas and could stay on the wall for a period of time. There are some basic things to be installed in almost all the bathrooms. However, if the space is available, one can also install sauna room, mirrors and storage cabinets for toiletries and other things of general use in bathroom.

The other thing of consideration in the bathroom decoration is the limited amount of budget. The customer should decide the amount to be spent in advance and make the selection of the accessories within the planned budget. Plan your bathroom decoration as per the availability of space and allowances.

The Santa Barbara Low Profile Sleigh Bed from Modus Beds is a beautiful sleigh bed available in full, queen, king, and California King sizes. The bed includes the sleigh-style wood headboard, a low profile footboard, and the option of slats or rails. To complete the look, you can also get a matching night stand. Both come in a sophisticated sable finish. The bed is made of Eastern Ash solids and veneers and is a great fun, yet practical look featuring bentwood panels. Despite its contemporary feel, it is such a classic look that it will stand the test of time.

This sleigh bed is a great example of a Contemporary King Bed. Fairly popular in today’s market, contemporary beds are as varied as any other type of bed, but some similarities across the style are sleek lines, curves, and bold pieces. While you may think that a contemporary look means a high price tag, that’s simply not the case. Many companies create great modern pieces that are also available in their lines of discount bedroom furniture, so don’t feel like you are priced out of this style.

Modus beds has a wide variety of contemporary offerings, and if a sleigh bed is not for you, they also offer modern platform beds as well. They are an industry leader in contemporary beds and their focus is on today’s cutting edge styles rather than the same old thing that you have seen for decades in the past. They also care about the happiness of their customers and offer a generous one year warranty should anything go wrong with your bed.

Pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on your keyboard will bring up the task manager panel. But in this case, you can make use of them to serve some coffee. Or if you are alone, a cup bearing the insignia of these keys can be pretty neat, especially if you are a techie geek. They cost $23.90 a set and were really designed as upside down keyboard keys. They would likewise make for a great housewarming gift or something to hand out as the Christmas season draws near.

For beautiful bathroom ideas blend nature with minimalism, with the new Ambrosia bathtub by Pearl Baths, a division of popular bath staple Maax. Simple lines, sweet curves and a purist, plain palate of the bathtub, rustic flooring and natural water features are blended together to bring a sense of serenity to these beautiful bathrooms. While the modern Ambrosia bathtub is minimalist when it comes to looks, it maximizes indulgence with an array of five therapies.

The elegant freestanding bath will surprise you with air therapy, heat therapy and chromatherapy, while the drop-in tub also offers aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and optional Ozonator Whirlpool System and back massage jets as part of your luxury home-spa experience. Measuring 66 by 36 by 24 inches, this contemporary bathtub will be your escape – if only for a while.

Today’s trend-watchers will tell you – built-in and custom pieces are all the rage, making this no chimney fireplace by Digifire the latest must-have. The Ribbon Fire is an architectural fireplace that creates a band of flames across your wall, offering a modern twist to this traditional favorite. If you live in a condo and thought a fireplace was out of the question, think again! This ethanol fireplace requires no chimney, no flue and no gas.

The wall-mounted design offers easy installation virtually anywhere in your home. A fully recessed stainless steel box features the flame, while a hidden panel below conceals the controls. A fully automatic pumping system continuously delivers clean-burning ethanol for a constant flickering flame, which you can turn on and off with a remote control – now that’s slick! Create a luxurious living room, a dreamy den, or heat up your boudoir with this stunning centerpiece.

Are you having problems with your shower?Are You finding the perfect shower for the perfect bath?Then you should have to try the latest and most beautiful shower by Hasna.It comes with three different shower heads with three different modes.This essential and fashionable shower which can be easily modified and operated by pushing a button.You can easily change the three heads and alternate the modes of your choice.Set your water flow as a gentle shower or a cascade.You can also start the pivoting body spray or can wash away the anxiety of the day by using the latest slim hand shower. It is not only good to feel but also luxurious to look.So enjoy luxury at your finger tip.

There is a great combination of timber and natural stone to form this decorative,contemporary latest bathroom which is designed by Omvivo.In this case they have emphasized on the tradition and quality.Clean lines,contemporary finish,decorative look and modern facilities has made this Latis bathroom collection more popular.This will give you much pleasure while bathing.This contemporary bathroom design is named on the Celtic goddess of water.

This also includes more features like round and rectangular basins, a trestle vanity and a stunning deep bath that invites you to soak away the tiredness of the day and give you the most pleasant feelings.Among them the most attractive and most beautiful feature is the bathtub which is made of natural stone and signature timbers.There is also a built-in shelves at one end of the tub.Which has increases its beauty. The stone basins are set atop wood tables with wood or stone storage shelves underneath.

Do you like to have a bath in the bathtub?Or have a bathtub but don't getting the real feelings of taking bath in the bathtub?Then you should transform your bathtub into the lap of luxury with many fabulous tub surround ideas by an Italian company Glass Idromassaggio.The Beyond collection of bathtub surrounds was designed as a functional focal point for the bath. Cradling the delicate egg-shaped bath, the monolithic tub surround displays a wonderful contrast that’s sculptural and luxurious, like you’re relaxing in a piece of art. The contemporary surround style complements any bathroom, whether your tastes tend toward the elegant, minimalist or eclectic. This chic bathroom built-in offers many installation options, like freestanding, angled or built into a niche, giving you a custom bath look to go with the spa-like feel.

The winter has come and the world has become dull.Many of us like sauna bath and saunas to lean there and have some pretty hot and entertaining environment.So Klafs has brought to you the latest designer saunas.Which will turn your home into a spa,a haven of rest and relaxation and you can have lovely moments laying there.

The facade features organic lines, rounded corners, a rhythmic pattern of slats and a leaf motif in the background that invites and intrigues.Inside this sauna they have added for two boast the same relaxing aesthetic and comfortable curves which will give you much pleasure.The seats are made of slates and graduate from and back into the walls for a fluid, mellow look.which has added more beauty to the sauna.So just lean back on the seat and detox the body and mind.You will get much relaxation in this place.so bring it now to your home.

These gorgeous wood and glass staircases by Siller are about as close as “interactive art” as you can get! Indeed you’ll feel like you’re scaling a sculpture as you make your way up the Mistral staircase design – a stylishly simple, barely there floating staircase. The minimalist design enhances every modern space with the clean, clear look of glass, which allows light and space to flow uninterrupted. Customizable to suit any space, large or small, these wood and glass staircases add instant chic to every home. Put a modern twist on your style and take it to the next level with the Mistral staircase.

Crisp lines, a smooth finish and a purist palette define the new Tiber bathroom collection by Roca – the ultimate clean contemporary bathroom design for the modern home. Created by Carlo Urbinati, the Tiber toilet, bidet, freestanding pedestal sink and console (available in two sizes) all boast the same chic simplicity with a design that hides all technical components. The result is a streamlined minimalist spa-inspired esthetic that encourages your own relaxation and well-being. This contemporary design is timeless; a classic choice for the modern home.

Looking for that funky, hot bed that will resonate sexiness into your bedroom? Look no further as this Funky Hot Bed does exactly that with its stainless steel frame and funky stained-glass.

This very unique and funky bed is hand crafted with a stainless steel frame and thick slabs of stained glass. A king or queen model can be produced and the headrest height is optional–3 horizontal rows, 4 horizontal rows or 6 horizontal rows.

There are bed and then there are BEDS! The Platinum-Luxe © Elite Bed definitely falls in the latter category as this one is technological and a design marvel.The Elite Bed from Hollandia is built on their signature Platinum-Luxe base and has been designed in Israel. The bed is one of the most state-of-the-art sleep systems in the world and it features two individually adjustable bases and vitaly latex matresses.

- Steel Frame
- 5 Joints
- Back Sliding System
- Telescopic Head Support
- 2 powerful massage system with 12 massage programs
- Massage timer for automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
- Pneumatic hand control
- Flexible Shoulder Comfort Zone
- Total Safety
- Hollandia latex mattress
- Available in a variety of colors
- Sony Bravia® Theater System that contains a Retractable 32” Flat Panel HDTV, a DVD/CD Changer, Five Speaker Surround Sound System & Subwoofer, and i-Pod Docking Station
- Optional – Hidden safe installed inside the head rest
- 2 year full warranty & 9 year limited warranty

So if you have the big bucks then you can order it from Inmod for $29,999.00.

The use of the boring old wooden headboards has really gone by the wayside in favor of attractive gothic-inspired Wrought Iron Beds. They really bring an elegance of design that other types of beds do not allow for. Although you may be hesitant to try something new, you will not be disappointed with this great look. It can really transform a room just by changing the type of headboard that you have.

The Powell Danville Bed is a stunning bed that has the appearance of a wrought iron headboard, but is actually cast iron. It includes the headboard and footboard with optional bed frame. It is available in full, queen, and king sizes. The design has a twisted rope center and a motif that resembles a flower in a vase. The materials used in this bed are quite durable and long-lasting and would look great in a bedroom of an adult or a mature teenager.

The Danville Bed comes from the Powell Furniture company, who has a great selection of iron and metal headboards, in addition to many other pieces. For example you could get a small table and chairs in iron to match your bed either in your bedroom, living room, or dining area. They have beds and other items that you really cannot find anywhere else, and that is why they are so popular. If you want the same-old thing, you can go just about anywhere, but if you want something classy, yet unique, Powell is where you should go.

The Full-size Cherry Storage Bed with Bookcase Headboard is available on Amazon courtesy Prepac Manufacturing. Retailing for $349.99, the bed has six storage drawers and a matching bookcase headboard. The Platform Storage Bed frame can be used with a standard mattress and has metal roller glides so that the drawers can run smoothly.

Product Features

* Full Size – Cherry Finish
* Includes full size bed with 6 drawers and bookcase headboard
* Quality Laminated Composite Wood
* No boxspring needed – slat system included
* Assembly Required: detailed, easy to follow instructions included

Here’s one of my favorite picks from my coffee table wishlists. After buying way too many coffee tables from IKEA that have broken time after time, I have been looking for something durable and modern. This elegant “Bond” Coffee Table certainly fits my high criteria for coffee tables. I want one!

The Bond coffee table – geometrically flawless. The Bond’s staggered black and aqua glass panes create two tiers of contrasting brilliance. Each square “floats” on a cross-sectional stainless steel frame with rubberized feet for excellent support and no-scratch maneuverability. The Bond’s asymmetrical design and unique detailing make the perfect cocktail table.

No need to hit the bedroom after a hard days work. Instead just lounge around in the living room on the Pennridge Daybed Set by Nautica. The Nautica yarn dye patchwork quilt makes the daybed looks really inviting. This rich ruby and khaki set includes quilted coverlet, dust ruffle and three coordinating pillow shams. You can order it from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Dust ruffle drop length is 16″. Coverlet measures 39″ W x 74″ L. Shams measure 26″ x 20″. 100% cotton yarn dye with 100% cotton fill. Machine wash. Imported.

Yu-Ying Wu’s “breathing chair” aka the Tofu Chair stuns you with its mind-boggling design and the fact that the designer has used something as ordinary as foam! What makes this special is that its almost interactive. By this I mean is that when the chair is not in used, it looks like an ordinary cube of foam. However once someone sits on it, it transforms into a bonafied chair. Cool isn’t it?

The new Y-con touch sensor kitchen faucet by Italian company Newform makes a sleek and simple statement in the modern kitchen. Fashion meets function in this stylish faucet fixture, which features a slim silhouette and contemporary chrome finish punctuated by its innovative electronic touch controls. At the front of the spout, an integrated circular panel offers four sensors that let you regulate the water’s flow and temperature with a simple touch. Adding convenience and comfort to this cool design, the faucets also feature a pull-out nozzle with a customizable spray for all of your washing and rinsing needs.

The new Y-con touch sensor kitchen faucet by Italian company Newform makes a sleek and simple statement in the modern kitchen. Fashion meets function in this stylish faucet fixture, which features a slim silhouette and contemporary chrome finish punctuated by its innovative electronic touch controls. At the front of the spout, an integrated circular panel offers four sensors that let you regulate the water’s flow and temperature with a simple touch. Adding convenience and comfort to this cool design, the faucets also feature a pull-out nozzle with a customizable spray for all of your washing and rinsing needs.

The unique bathroom design:Origami,created by TePeek for the Italian company Stocco.Cersai 2009 set the stage for the debut of this design.Graduating from cabinets to entire suites, Stocco brings five-star style to your home with this unusual bathroom suite. Smooth modern shapes and sleek curves set the tone for the five-piece suite made from Cristalplant, which is naturally porous, smooth, non-slip and ideal for the bathroom. Each piece comes in many variations for a customized look and feel.

The bathtub is offered in three designs that are fully customizable as freestanding or mounted; with or without surrounds; personalized with graphics; with or without an extended top. If you’re a shower person, this unusual suite also includes a shower tray that’ll have you singing every time. Rounding out the collection, four washbasin designs come as free-standing, countertop, wall-mounted, and integrated with double or single basin. The options are endless for your own unique bathroom designs, and it’s easy to get inspired by this cool contemporary collection.

A great modern look is upholstered headboards. The best part about a Tufted Upholstered Headboard is that they are so comfortable against your head and back when you are sitting up in bed. Have you ever tried to sit up in bed to read a book and had to constantly fidget with the pillows behind your head and neck? You never really do get comfortable do you? That’s why this kind of headboard is not only nice to look at, but will be a godsend for your comfort level.

One company that has a great selection of modern headboards is Skyline Furniture. They have been in business since 1948 and have stayed current through the decades to bring you the best looks in bedroom furniture. Some of their items have been featured on television, including HGTV and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You know these are quality works if they are being sought after by design experts like those.

Of their substantial collection, one of their great pieces is the Lazuli Tufted Headboard. It is made of premier fabric and comes in a variety of colors to match your décor: black, chocolate, oatmeal, saddle (a light brown), khaki, red, sage, or purple. The frame of this wooden headboard is made from pine and covered in foam padding before being topped with the fabric. One great thing about the fabric is that it can actually be cleaned with a vacuum. This is helpful if your feline or canine friends like to snuggle up to the headboard, too, on occasion.

Next time you are having a hard day at work, and craving a beer to sooth those nerves, you don’t have to hit the nearest pub on the sly. Instead get the locker-style Flip Stacking Personal Fridge that works like a mini fridge but is more discreet. One can store both bottles and cans and you can also put some goodies to snack on!

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