How cute and charming are the Red Jersey Knit Polar Bear Bed Sheets? Selling on Amazon for $36.99, the twin size sheet set will get everyone in the holiday mood and since its made from Jersey knot it gives a t-shirt feel.  The set includes  one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one pillow case and the  cute smiling polar bears are surrounded by falling snowflakes which makes for a  very pretty winter scene.
can you imagine the result of combination o two best things? is it possible to combine the bests? yes it is. the rewound brand Dedon and the best designer Philippe Starck has teamed together and brought a new dimension of marvelous lounge chair to us all.

those who are seeking for new and something interesting for their lounge, can see the latest model of the lounge chair known as Uber Cool Lounge Chair form Dedon. you will be very excited by seeing the reddish or orangery interior of the chairs. it has an attracting oval or egg shape look and made of polypropylene and fiber glasses. the gray exterior has made the chair more attractive. expensive cozy cushions has used in the interior to make it more comfortable for sitting.

you can not only use it for your floor lounge but also for the hanging lounge. it will make the lounge more interesting . and i can definitely say that you will must get customers who will come just to relax on these beautiful lounge chairs. for more detail got to Dedon

Allplus is reinventing your outdoor living spaces with a new alfresco essential – the Xzone gazebo. Specializing in fully recyclable aluminum furniture for indoors and out, this European company combines design and technology, research and creativity, and oodles of innovation. And now, getting you summer ready, this gorgeous gazebo is a versatile, modular design that will suit any outdoor area, regardless of its shape or size. Whether your outdoor living space is a small deck or a sprawling backyard garden, there’s a perfect place for the Xzone. Create a poolside paradise, or pair it with a table and chairs for a shady spot to sip your cocktails in the heat of the day. And if you love to entertain, this gazebo is a must for your alfresco soirees – spring, summer or fall! Just fire up the barbecue, crack open some cool drinks and you’re made in the shade.

One of the oldest – and ironically the hottest – cold-weather trends is the fireplace, and this cool round fireplace by Arkiane makes a lasting impression. The Eclypsya fireplace by designer Benjamin Mesnard is a sculptural piece that borders on art, with a circular enclosure beautifully framing the piece de resistance – the flame! Make a stunning centerpiece in your living room; with glass on either side, you can enjoy the flickering flame from every angle. Surround it with your comfiest, coziest couches and favorite armchairs, and you’ve got a warm den to escape to all winter. When the weather warms up, take this mobile fireplace outdoors for a fabulous backyard, deck or patio feature. Inside or out, this modern fireplace design is sure to steal the spotlight. A round of applause, for Eclypsya! Check out this elegant fireplace design at Arkiane.

Make a striking statement in your home with this rustic style wood fireplace by Invicta. The Tipi fireplace features an authentic, cottage-chic look with its Charcoal finish and unusual shape. Behind its glass doors, you’ll enjoy the flickering flame and warmth – both in ambience and temperature. Blending a traditional look with a modern twist, the aptly named Tipi fireplace features a tipi-shaped firebox topped with an extra-tall chimney that extends right up to the ceiling for a custom-fitted feature. Create a comfy cozy living room or den, an inspired library or an inspiring home office, put one in the kitchen while you’re at it, and really crank up the temperature in the bedroom – hubba, hubba! You’re sure to fall in love with this chic wood fireplace design. Check it out at Invicta.

A modern look and practical function make these decorative fireplaces by Conmoto a true urban essential. These built-in cabinets combine a fireplace and wood storage, offering an interesting idea for small-space living without compromising on comfort or style. This pair of mirror-image vertical cabinets each measures 165 cm tall by 50 cm wide and 50 cm deep to suit any modern home – large or small. The dark cabinets feature large glass fronts and are complemented by gleaming brushed stainless steel hardware for a clean, contemporary look. With fire and fuel within easy reach, this decorative built-in fireplace is sure to heat up any home. Check out these modern must-haves by visiting Conmoto.

Sit and soak in this stylish Japanese bath tub, by Victoria & Albert. Inspired by the traditional Japanese ofuro tubs, the Sorrento sit bath features a deep soaking tub designed for a full-body immersion. The solid oak steps make entry and exit easy. The nice thing about this design is it doesn’t take up the whole bathroom, so you can enjoy the luxury of a soaker tub even in a small space. This freestanding tub can be installed virtually anywhere: in a corner, or as the centerpiece of your bathroom. And what a focal point! Check out the fabulous floral-patterned design, it’s a sure showstopper. Whether your preferences tend toward the minimalist white finish or the artistic floral design, this Japanese sit tub is a must-see. Check it out by visiting Victoria & Albert.

Giving other beds a run for their money, this super-functional bed by Primafila doubles as a storage space. Whether you live in a compact home or condo, or if you just appreciate a clean, minimalist look, the Emily bed is the perfect piece of furniture for you. This chic bed is covered in cream leather with a tall, tufted headboard that looks like pure luxury. The mattress lifts up to reveal a plethora of storage space underneath, so your seasonal clothes like bulky jackets, boots and sweaters, blankets, towels, linens and occasional items all have a home – out of sight and out of mind. All you see is a tidy and tidy bedroom with a big, beautiful bed as the centerpiece. Have some sweet dreams of your own with this awesome, multi-functional and ever-fashionable bed by Primafila.

A modern, elegant look for the bathroom is easy to achieve with the right fixtures, like the Vela bathroom collection by Rexa. The Italian company created this contemporary collection is made of Korakril – a material blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals – that gives it its smooth curves, minimalist palette and a modern raw or lacquered finish that screams good taste. Vela washbasins are designed in floor-mounted and wall-mounted variations with an asymmetrical pear-shaped basin.

A coordinating bathtub boasts the same organic shape and can be freestanding or built into a solid surround. Exterior color options include white, light blue, blue, aquamarine, grey, black or brown. Even the shower boasts the same sinuous curves in its shower column and undulating glass enclosure in clear or with a color-tinted finish.

source (trendier)

Netherlands-based company Freeline has lead the move from rustic to refined outdoors – no longer is “roughing it” an option! The Island sunbed lounger features a contemporary circular shape and is built for two. This outdoor oasis will pamper you from all angles, with upholstered cushions beneath you and a built-in, 360-degree tilting umbrella above, featuring a stainless steel pole and teak wood ribs.

This sunbed can be placed as a single unit or pulled apart for two individual beds, for fun in the sun and the shade. The Island collection also includes a circular sofa set with a matching coffee table, and the Island lounger. Coordinate your outdoors in style, with the Island collection from Freeline.

Water is a basic necessity for survival, but for style aficionados this gorgeous water-inspired wall lamp by Quasar comes in at a close second. Designed by Jos Muller, the Doccia wall lamp is a whimsical design artfully executed in stainless steel, aluminum and shimmering glass drops that cascade down, dangle and dance, bringing movement and reflection to light. This wall mounted lamp would make a wonderful addition to a formal space like a dining room, as a statement piece in the entrance foyer, or imagine this elegant addition on either side of the bed, where it’s sure to elicit some sweet dreams. This stylish shower lamp is featured here in its square design, measuring 9.8 x 14.9 x max.21 inches, and is also available in round and rectangular shapes with 50 watt or 100 watt bulbs. For more info, check out Quasar.

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