The Santa Barbara Low Profile Sleigh Bed from Modus Beds is a beautiful sleigh bed available in full, queen, king, and California King sizes. The bed includes the sleigh-style wood headboard, a low profile footboard, and the option of slats or rails. To complete the look, you can also get a matching night stand. Both come in a sophisticated sable finish. The bed is made of Eastern Ash solids and veneers and is a great fun, yet practical look featuring bentwood panels. Despite its contemporary feel, it is such a classic look that it will stand the test of time.

This sleigh bed is a great example of a Contemporary King Bed. Fairly popular in today’s market, contemporary beds are as varied as any other type of bed, but some similarities across the style are sleek lines, curves, and bold pieces. While you may think that a contemporary look means a high price tag, that’s simply not the case. Many companies create great modern pieces that are also available in their lines of discount bedroom furniture, so don’t feel like you are priced out of this style.

Modus beds has a wide variety of contemporary offerings, and if a sleigh bed is not for you, they also offer modern platform beds as well. They are an industry leader in contemporary beds and their focus is on today’s cutting edge styles rather than the same old thing that you have seen for decades in the past. They also care about the happiness of their customers and offer a generous one year warranty should anything go wrong with your bed.

Pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on your keyboard will bring up the task manager panel. But in this case, you can make use of them to serve some coffee. Or if you are alone, a cup bearing the insignia of these keys can be pretty neat, especially if you are a techie geek. They cost $23.90 a set and were really designed as upside down keyboard keys. They would likewise make for a great housewarming gift or something to hand out as the Christmas season draws near.

For beautiful bathroom ideas blend nature with minimalism, with the new Ambrosia bathtub by Pearl Baths, a division of popular bath staple Maax. Simple lines, sweet curves and a purist, plain palate of the bathtub, rustic flooring and natural water features are blended together to bring a sense of serenity to these beautiful bathrooms. While the modern Ambrosia bathtub is minimalist when it comes to looks, it maximizes indulgence with an array of five therapies.

The elegant freestanding bath will surprise you with air therapy, heat therapy and chromatherapy, while the drop-in tub also offers aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and optional Ozonator Whirlpool System and back massage jets as part of your luxury home-spa experience. Measuring 66 by 36 by 24 inches, this contemporary bathtub will be your escape – if only for a while.

Today’s trend-watchers will tell you – built-in and custom pieces are all the rage, making this no chimney fireplace by Digifire the latest must-have. The Ribbon Fire is an architectural fireplace that creates a band of flames across your wall, offering a modern twist to this traditional favorite. If you live in a condo and thought a fireplace was out of the question, think again! This ethanol fireplace requires no chimney, no flue and no gas.

The wall-mounted design offers easy installation virtually anywhere in your home. A fully recessed stainless steel box features the flame, while a hidden panel below conceals the controls. A fully automatic pumping system continuously delivers clean-burning ethanol for a constant flickering flame, which you can turn on and off with a remote control – now that’s slick! Create a luxurious living room, a dreamy den, or heat up your boudoir with this stunning centerpiece.

Are you having problems with your shower?Are You finding the perfect shower for the perfect bath?Then you should have to try the latest and most beautiful shower by Hasna.It comes with three different shower heads with three different modes.This essential and fashionable shower which can be easily modified and operated by pushing a button.You can easily change the three heads and alternate the modes of your choice.Set your water flow as a gentle shower or a cascade.You can also start the pivoting body spray or can wash away the anxiety of the day by using the latest slim hand shower. It is not only good to feel but also luxurious to look.So enjoy luxury at your finger tip.

There is a great combination of timber and natural stone to form this decorative,contemporary latest bathroom which is designed by Omvivo.In this case they have emphasized on the tradition and quality.Clean lines,contemporary finish,decorative look and modern facilities has made this Latis bathroom collection more popular.This will give you much pleasure while bathing.This contemporary bathroom design is named on the Celtic goddess of water.

This also includes more features like round and rectangular basins, a trestle vanity and a stunning deep bath that invites you to soak away the tiredness of the day and give you the most pleasant feelings.Among them the most attractive and most beautiful feature is the bathtub which is made of natural stone and signature timbers.There is also a built-in shelves at one end of the tub.Which has increases its beauty. The stone basins are set atop wood tables with wood or stone storage shelves underneath.

Do you like to have a bath in the bathtub?Or have a bathtub but don't getting the real feelings of taking bath in the bathtub?Then you should transform your bathtub into the lap of luxury with many fabulous tub surround ideas by an Italian company Glass Idromassaggio.The Beyond collection of bathtub surrounds was designed as a functional focal point for the bath. Cradling the delicate egg-shaped bath, the monolithic tub surround displays a wonderful contrast that’s sculptural and luxurious, like you’re relaxing in a piece of art. The contemporary surround style complements any bathroom, whether your tastes tend toward the elegant, minimalist or eclectic. This chic bathroom built-in offers many installation options, like freestanding, angled or built into a niche, giving you a custom bath look to go with the spa-like feel.

The winter has come and the world has become dull.Many of us like sauna bath and saunas to lean there and have some pretty hot and entertaining environment.So Klafs has brought to you the latest designer saunas.Which will turn your home into a spa,a haven of rest and relaxation and you can have lovely moments laying there.

The facade features organic lines, rounded corners, a rhythmic pattern of slats and a leaf motif in the background that invites and intrigues.Inside this sauna they have added for two boast the same relaxing aesthetic and comfortable curves which will give you much pleasure.The seats are made of slates and graduate from and back into the walls for a fluid, mellow look.which has added more beauty to the sauna.So just lean back on the seat and detox the body and mind.You will get much relaxation in this bring it now to your home.

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