Children’s bedroom furniture should have several qualities: these pieces should be extremely durable, convenient, and able to transition along with your child. One of the very best pieces you can purchase for your child’s bedroom is a Storage Bed. These help eliminate some of the endless clutter and provide handy space for sweaters, extra linens, books, or even toys.

When you want to encourage your children to organize their belongings, storage beds are invaluable. Billy Mate’s Bed features three roomy drawers built in to the underside of the bed frame. The simple, straight lines ensure that the bed will not only complement any décor but also any age. As children grow, their tastes change. The Billy Mate can be pink and frilly one day or chic and sophisticated the next; your child can put on his favorite super hero sheets one day and more mature prints as he gets older. This saves you from having to replace bedroom furniture as it becomes obsolete. In a beautiful Florence maple finish and solid construction, you can be assured that this bed will last for years. For added convenience, Billy Mate’s Bed can be combined with a bookcase headboard. More storage space and de-cluttering shelves make this a great way to teach organization.

Billy Mate’s Bed is designed by the renowned South Shore Furniture company, which has been creating innovative and beautiful furniture for decades. No matter what your personal style or existing décor, you can easily find the right South Shore pieces to get the look you want. From beautiful bookcase headboards to dressers and chests, South Shore will add style to any home.


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