Lighting is seldom taken seriously when decorating a room, and this brings about thoughtless decisions.

In reality, lighting is one of the most fundamental elements to create a space, to make it come alive and inviting to those who enter it. It must be considered along with planning and decoration of the whole space, as it impacts directly in the way in which a specific space is perceived.

The most beautiful decoration will be lost if it is not lit correctly to convey its message. Poor lighting diminishes color and neglects textures, making a room look worse than common.

The lighting in a room is so powerful, that even the simplest design can look complex and a stroke of genius when the right lighting is applied. And, as important as it is, it can also be very simple to achieve, however, in some cases, it is best to ask for professional help, be it a Seattle interior designer or even a friend with a sixth sense.

If you are undertaking a special decoration project and need some help with the lighting, here are some general considerations that work well for new and existing spaces.

- The first thing to understand about the lighting within a room is that it requires shadow; otherwise it will lack stimulus, turning the space boring and flat.

- Be careful with direct lighting over textures, as it may make them disappear and neutralize their beautiful visual effect.

- Every feature in the room must be treated in a special way in regards to lighting, as the light will bring out the best in them and will make them stand out within the room. Lighting accentuates design; it brings out the forms in a very positive way.

- The lights on pictures give these an important position within the space and they help define the perimeter of the room.

- When thinking about the lighting for a room, think about the mood you desire that space to convey, what are the activities performed in that room, and what decorative pieces you want to highlight. As a general rule, any inviting space requires between five to ten light sources, but it will depend on the colors in the room. Dark colors absorb light and thus, a dark painted room will require more lighting than a light colored one.

- Today, you can find complete matching lighting collections to use within one room in order to achieve unity and save time.

- To add interest to your space, vary the light sources' heights; this will add depth and interest by creating different areas of light and shade.

- Very important also, is to play with the intensity of light. Utilize dimmer switches, three-way bulbs and alternate switching patterns between general lighting, task lights, lamps and accent lighting to create a specific mood.


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