Glass beads, like any other beads, have holes in them so that they can serve the purpose of being made into bracelets, necklaces, and others. These are basically made for the sole purpose of becoming accessories. They are regarded as one of the earliest forms of beads ever made and used. Archaeological studies point out that glass beads were used during the Roman Reign and even way back to 2340-2180 B.C.

Basic Uses of Beads

1. Jewellery. This was the oldest purpose by which glass beads were made for. Thus, ancient people also had their own fashion sense before. Compared to other beads, they have more complicated designs.

2. Curtains. Glass beads are used not only as curtains but most importantly, as interior decorations. They have the characteristics to be aesthetically compatible to most decoration schemes because they have beautiful carvings, have attractive coating and are colorful.

Types of Glass Beads

1. Venetian. These come from Venice, Italy. They were first made by Venetian artists for their own use.

2. Chevron. They were first founded in the 14th century. They are multi-coloured and multi-layered too in different patterns. There are usually four to seven layers in these beads.

3. Handmade. These are the ideal types of beads if you do not want to limit your imagination because they can be how you want them to be. There are no limits as to what their colours, shapes, and sizes should be.

4. Silver foil. These are shiny objects, given that they are made from .925 silver foils. They can be further classified into dotted silver foil, stamped silver foil, and two tone silver foil beads.

5. Alphabet. These are called as such because each bead has different beads in them. They naturally have smooth surfaces and come in different colours too


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