Small Japanese bathtubs, also known as small Ofuro bath tubs, are twice as big as the traditional American tub in depth. They are designed deep enough to fully immerse an average person up to the neck, submerging the shoulders entirely. Sitting versus laying down has its advantage as the depth of the water and having the water flow fully around the body is much more relaxing and soothing. Small Ofuro bathtubs have been part of the bathing ritual in Japan for centuries. They are found in most households in Japan and are filled with water that is typically hotter than traditional bathing water in American tubs.

These tubs are used for rejuvenation and relaxation and not really for cleansing. An unknown fact is that in Japan, they shower before getting into the tub. The entire family bathes in the same bath water in these small Japanese bathtubs before emptying the tub!

Small Ofuro bathtubs come equipped with a digital control panel for adjusting water temperature, pressure and flow. Timers allow for convenience in setting a time for your bath water to be ready. This wellness concept is centuries old and calms the body and mind. In theses small Japanese bathtubs, the bather sits on a seat with the water neck deep and shoulders fully submerged providing heat therapy to the most stressed muscles in the body.

Small American bathrooms can be greatly enhanced from this Japanese design and small Japanese bathtubs. Since the tub does not take much room compared to the traditional 5 foot long bath tub in America, small Ofuro bathtubs are a hot commodity. The benefits of stress relief are beneficial for anyone that needs a little pampering and the convenience of having it in your own home is fantastic.

Visually appealing, these small Japanese bathtubs provide the perfect oasis in your own bathroom. The Americanized small Ofuro bathtubs are made of wood like the Japanese version, however these tubs do not drip or leak. Each piece of wood is hand selected and perfectly joined together creating the appearance of one slab of wood. The tubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes from circular to square to rectangular.

Bathing was once a weekly or bi-monthly event used just to wash dirt off the body. Now a warm bath once a week and soaking in a hot tub is a coveted experience. The mind, body, and spirit all reap the benefits of soothing bath in one of the many designs of small Ofuro bathtubs. Any size bathroom can be your secluded time away. With the bathtub as the centerpiece, the room will draws its energy from the tub.

These small Japanese bathtubs typically only fit one person but they are a perfect indulgence for just one person to take some "Me" time. This special treat is yours alone as there are very few places to be truly alone with your thoughts. Taking 30 minutes a day alone time is recommended for a sound mind. Having that time spent immersed in luxury is nothing short of a mind vacation.


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In the Bath tubs or Ofero the interior design to style with furnish. Bath tuns are like to switching, shower, hot water, cold water, automatic shampoo. In the Bath tubs full of water with medium hot water and full body shrink except head and sleep with relax 1 hour fell a world best enjoy.

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