Dubai is an exciting place to live a rich life. There are no extended restrictions upon individuals and the quality of life is amazing and at par. However, in the month of Ramadan, you might need to take a time out to know and get a hang of the reverential way to conduct yourself particularly in the month of Ramadan, a crucial month for Muslims.

Ramadan takes place primarily in the ninth month of the calendar dedicated to Islam. The lunar cycle decides the actual date on which it begins. Incredibly crucial and important month for all Muslims, Ramadan is celebrated with the utmost enthusiasm and energy with all the associated traditions, expectations, observances and rituals.

The ninth month of the Muslim calendar offers a climate with warm breeze with high levels of mercury. These are the much awaited days to practice self control and recognition and surrender to cleanse ones body, heart and soul. The prime components of Ramadan are fasting, giving charity, praying and self-accountability. The main elements of Ramadan are praying, fasting, giving charity and self-accountability.Ramadan is a very significant month for Muslims and its significance lies in the fact that the holy book of Muslims, Qu'ran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad for the first time during this month.

One of the pillars of faith captured in Islam is fasting, and it also gives Muslims a reminder of the fact that there are still some people who are living a miserable life and are sick, poor and needy. Throughout the month of Ramadan, holy and religious practices are observed. Laylat al-Qadr or ‘Night of Power’ is considered as the most holy night during Ramadan. People who follow the traditions during Ramadan are obliged with the following:

• To keep pure thoughts and actions and to engage in spiritual meditation
• To help the needy (Zakat al-Fitr) and be charitable
• To curb drinking, eating, smoking or getting involved in worldly pleasures during the span of sunrise (fajr) to sunset (maghrib).
• To eradicate undesirable emotions like envy, greed, anger, lust and keep away from gossip.
• To keep in touch with family and friends and pay visits to them.

Many organizations tend to reduce working hours during the month of Ramadan for their employees, primarily for the ones who fast during this month. While at work, almost all the offices provide a room to non-Muslims where they can drink or eat, but it is required from them that they keep it in private and be alert to keep the doors of the room closed. Eating and drinking in front of Muslims is considered to be rude. Islam respects people of all cultures, religion and races. The non-Muslims are not pressurized to follow any tradition of the Muslims and are not obliged for anything else other than showing a sign of respect, by avoiding eating and drinking in public during the hours of fasting. Almost all restaurants and cafes remain closed in the daytime but some extend their opening hours at night. The UAE supermarkets are usually open during the day but extend their work hours till night and sometimes even midnight.

The Muslims get up at dawn, fast all day and then socialize every evening of the month during the Ramadan period and it is well understood that this routine might just leave them frustrated, tired and irritated at times. This holy festival of Ramadan is concluded with the sightseeing of the moon. The day it is celebrated is called Eid al-Fitr. This event dedicated to break the fast starts with prayers at the mosques and then a celebration with friends and family with the elderly. All the offices of the government remain closed and some of the private sector offices also shut down to celebrate this festival. In the truest traditions of UAE, Ramadan is the perfect time to capture the celebration and enjoy the spirit involved.


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